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How To Hire A Mouse Exterminator

If you have an infestation of house mice, you need to start searching for an experienced, qualified mouse exterminator immediately.

When you need a mouse exterminator

Sometimes you don’t know you have problems with mice until they attack fully. This happens because mice are smart creatures that can stay unnoticed for a long time, but once you have detected them, it’s time to call mouse exterminator.

mouse exterminator

Many people are not alarmed when they see a mouse or two in their homes, because mice are tiny and seem not to cause any trouble. But, it is important thing to know that they can carry diseases and spread very quickly, because one female mouse is able to give birth to dozens of mice a year.The best thing is to act quickly before you experience mass invasion.

The professional mouse exterminators will develop a customized plan to control mice invasion and population for your home. You may not see signs of mice infestation in your house at present, but it’s better to take precautionary actions and winter is the right time for this.

Why professional mouse exterminator is required

Some people ask for the help of exterminators after trying for some time to get rid of mice themselves, but it’s a mistake. If you scare the mice away from your house, they can just move to another house, stay there for some time and then come back later. To avoid a recurrence, it is advisable to use a professional exterminator. If you use mice traps and try to solve the problem on your own, an important thing to remember is that proper placement of the trap can only be done when you know all the entries and exits of the mice, which is extremely difficult without professional help. If the trap works, you have to dispose the remains. Therefore, it is safer to involve a professional mice control company when dealing with these creatures.

What he does?

Mice extermination stages are: tracking down, identifying possible entries and exits, sealing them and killing all mice left inside. The first thing exterminators will do is examine your house for signs of infiltration, including all entry points and identify the type of the rodents you have. Next, they will seal off all the entries and depending on the level of infestation will set traps or use mouse poison. To ensure that the elimination was successful, a good mouse exterminator will always do a follow-up visit.

How to choose?

When choosing a professional mouse exterminator, follow these procedure:
  1. Make a list of potential companies by researching.
  2. Ask family and friends to recommend a good company.
  3. Call them and make these enquiries:
    1. ask how long the company has been operating and if they have license;
    2. find out their experience in handling such exterminations and request recommendations from past clients;
    3. what techniques they use for the extermination;
    4. the number of visits they need to complete the job;
    5. how do they get rid of the dead mice;
    6. ask if they offer 100% guarantee and do follow-up visits to ensure the work is done;
    7. do they have plans to prevent the mice from coming back;
    8. ask if they visit houses for free estimation and insist on such visit before hiring them;
    9. compare the rates of all companies, but don’t forget that the cheapest option is not always the best one.
If the company does not offer a permanent solution for sealing all access routes in your home, you are wasting time and resources because the mice will surely come back.

What to expect?

Mice live in warm places during winter when the temperature falls. So, if you have noticed them in your home, you should immediately contact an expert mouse exterminator, who will conduct several processes to get rid of mice in your home, including:
  • Assessment: he will inspect your home to identify the type of rodents, locate all access points and develop the most effective mouse management method for you.
  • Customized plan development: determination of the removal techniques to be used, which will depend on the type of mice discovered, the invasion level, the size of the infested area, and previously conducted techniques, if they were unsuccessful.The professional mouse exterminator should cover all the details of your customized plan before starting eradication.
  • Setting traps: they must be mounted around the affected area according to your customized plan. If all other techniques have failed, baits, repellents and poisons can be very effective in dealing with mice infestations.
  • Access points blocking: after all mice have been removed, the mouse exterminator will then seal all access routes around your property. Sealants are usually used to keep pests away permanently.
  • Disinfection: after the extermination process, the inside areas of your house must be disinfected.
  • Subsequent check-ups: mice controller should visit your house from time to time to ensure that no mice were left unnoticed and that all points of entry are still sealed. It may take several visits before a large infestation will be eliminated completely, but it's still much more effective and easier than doing it on your own.

The price

The cost of professional mouse extermination depends on how large is the area of infestation. Prices may vary depending on the company, starting from $50 and ending with $300 or even more. Kindly consider these principles:
  1. This work is highly skilled and requires professional attitude.
  2. There are no fixed rates.
  3. The job quality depends on the price.
No one wants to overpay, but work must be done properly and there are few things that need consideration.

First of all, any dependable mouse extermination company must be licensed and insured, and bears other business expenses, so they would like to cover them with their prices.

Secondly, if you choose a cheap company, you may not receive quality service and end up paying more lately.

Mice invasion should not be overlooked, because of the damage and health risks that these rodents cause. Professional mouse extermination is an investment in safety of our home.

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